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Physics FItness
Bootcamp I
Physics FItness
Bootcamp II
Physics FItness
Bootcamp II
(Adults/Exercise Based)

Fitness Physics

Using a combination of blending art, music, and exercise, we offer a curriculum of games and activity that gives students the foundations of a good STEM education!


Honors Level Physics I Grades: High School/College: (Difficulty level varies per age group).  Great class for students wanting to 
learn beginner  physics I curriculum, but included with this is mastery of solving complicated physics word problems and development in a student's math skills!...

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Conceptual Physics II Grades: Middle/High School/College: (Difficulty level varies per age group).  An excellent class for any serious student or anyone wanting to get into engineering, science and technology fields.  This class covers the conceptual basics of how charges work, Faraday's Law, voltage, current, Ohm's law, DC circuits, Kirchhoff's laws, electric fields, induction principles, magnetism and basic electronics!  Read More

Conceptual Physics I: Grades: Elementary/Middle/High School/College: (Difficulty level varies per age group).  No pressure of difficult word problems; just pure conceptual knowledge of learning physics for the purity of it!  Crazy theories explored and creative assignments and activities encouraged! Read More

Conceptual Physics Boot camp Grades: Elementary/Middle/High School/College: (Difficulty level varies per age group). Conceptual Physics  Boot camp is great for beginner physics students who just want to learn without worrying about complicated word problems and hard math...  Read More

Mechanical Waves Grades: High School/College level. This brief overview is an excellent beginner  class for any student considering to take  physics  in college. Topics covered:  wave mechanics (including physics of sound).
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Fluids and Thermodynamics All ages high school and up. An extremely useful for class for preparing for physics III at the college level; covering: Pressure, hydraulics, Bernoulli's principle, mass flow rates, buoyancy, Reynold's principle, thermal equilibrium, heat transfer, the zeroth and first and second laws of thermodynamics phase changes, latent heat, Boyle's Law, and phase changes

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Intro to Modern Physics All ages high school and up.  An
excellent class for anyone who seriously wants to understand the true mysteries of nature and the universe from the ground up!  All major topics leading to truly tying in physics with chemistry and modern technology, and even philosophy are discussed Read More

Algebra Based AP Physics I Grades: High School/College level. This is an excellent  class for any student wanting to take physics and engineering in college.  It will prepare a student with the necessary tools needed to excel in these fields.  Topics covered: All of physics I curriculum as well as wave mechanics (including physics of sound), electric charge, electric fields, voltage, Ohm's law, DC circuits, and Kirchhoff's Laws
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Free Curriculum on basic beginner physics principles!

After working with students and teaching physics for years, students and readers have given me invaluable feedback to help me design a quality physics curriculum so that students who are not naturally good at physics have a fighting chance of learning concepts that will improve their understanding of these tough subjects, and more importantly, enrich a person's understanding of the world around them!  And now, in conjunction with, Jack Dogg's Physics is happy to provide free curriculum to help people learn some of the most important topics covered in basic physics classes everywhere!

Click here to learn more about our free curriculum and see samples!

Click here  to learn about the classes we offer


World class physics instruction and teaching services!

Our teaching services, combined with the curriculum materials we provide, will  help guarantee an excellent education in physics and self sufficiency  that you and your children can benefit from for the rest of your life!  JD Physics will provide all this and bring a world class physics teacher into your school, home or co-op! 

On a weekly basis, our students will have access to feedback and tutorial instruction to master the necessary concepts of physics, while challenging their understanding of the material with creative homework projects, and training for standardized tests and grades.  A student taking JD Physics will be prepared for tests such as the ACT, SAT and college beginner level courses!

What's a typical JD Physics Curriculum Look Like?


Take a classical physics I curriculum for example regarding how you could learn through JD Physics:

  • 12 chapters of full personalized instruction (along with coursework for the following topics:

            1) The four fundamental forces in nature, and an introduction to motion: speed vs. velocity

            2) Instantaneous velocity

            3) Acceleration

            4) The physics of falling

            5) Projectile motion

            6) Uniform circular motion

            7) The relationship between forces and motion

            8) Friction

            9) Newton's laws

           10) Gravity

           11) Energy

           12) Linear Momentum

           13) Rotational Motion

           14) Angular Momentum

           15)  Oscillatory Motion

  • Comprehensive review on the following units: 

             1) Kinematics of motion in one and two dimensions: speed, velocity, acceleration, projectile motion

             2) Newton's laws of motion and gravity:   Newton's laws, gravity, uniform circular motion

             3) Energy, momentum, and impulse

             4) Rotational motion, angular momentum, oscillatory motion, and a unification of all topics combined together by the principles of physics  

                 symmetry  as seen in nature!

​    Depending on level of difficulty picked for physics:

  • Coursework for each section of each chapter

  • 15 chapter quizes

  • Four semester exams

  • A comprehensive solution manual

  • An online gradebook

  • The opportunity to attend a live, online help session with the JD physics  teaching staff once each week throughout the academic year (August to May)

What makes  JD Physics Curriculum different?

  • Students and parents have online access to the JD physics teaching staff for questions and support.

  • Students are privy to the latest up to date video lectures, computer simulations, audio notes, and other creations made teaching physics.

  • Examples and solutions are hand-written during lectures, where  students watch the teacher’s hand doing the writing. Research shows that this increases comprehension and retention.

  • The comprehensive solution manual provided for each student  shows each and every answer worked out step by step.

  • Students score their own coursework and exams, to further deepen the learning process. By having students check their own work with the solution manual, studies show that they will cognitively improve their understanding of the subjects  more comprehensively!

Introduction to Modern Physics: Particle Physics/Atoms, Light, Relativity, Energy and Quantum Physics
(Conceptual Overview)
Fluids and Thermodynamics
(Conceptual Overview)
Mechanical Waves
(Conceptual Overview)
Algebra Based AP Physics I
(Honors Physics + Mechanical waves, Electric charge, Electric Potential, DC Ciruits )
Conceptual Physics
Conceptual Physics I
(Kinematics, Newton's Laws, Energy, Rotational Motion, and Gravity)
Conceptual Physics II 
(Electricity & Magnetism)
Honors Level Physics I
(Kinematics, Newton's Laws, Energy, Rotational Motion, and Gravity with word problems

Other Classes we will offer (TBA)

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