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You want to switch careers?  Learn science?  Get into a technical field?  You're going to need physics!  You want to master your athletic game?  You're going to need physics!  Why not do both at the same time? 

Fitness Physics is a class that combines an experience of  learning the basic laws of physics through exercise simulations.  It has been a favorite staple that blends in the skill building ideals of education and personal training at the same time.  


Imagine playing, running around -- while subliminally combining physiology, physics and academics through fun activities!   Clients fully learn laws of physics by seeing their seeing them come to life  through their physical skills and athletic ability.    As not just a physics professor, but a personal trainer as well, C.X. teaches clients mastery of the laws of physics by action and instruction in a way you’ve never experienced before!

Benefits for the program


  • Students who participate in all topics receive a certificate for a conceptual physics and physical education requirement.   For further mastery proof physics, take our online exams and see how well you score!

  • Each class session is unique; blending topics where students learn the laws of physics fully by seeing them come to life with your exercise kinematics.

  • Students can use course to help fill in requirements for school programs (where applicable in public, private and home school programs)


Long term benefits

  • Improved athletic abilities and understanding how to use kinematics to your own physical advantage

  • Understanding of how energy really works to master the art of diet and nutrition

  • decreased medical costs due to preventive healthcare education

  • academic readiness for any engineering studies in school or for job preparation

  • Free E-copy/access to a customized physics curriculum to master your knowledge in physics!

  • Customized workouts based on your fitness goals

  • Customized topics you wish to learn about while participating in Fitness Physics!

People have loved these sessions and have come out of them guaranteeing  better health, improving their athletic abilities, and have used them to tutor

themselves for their physics classes they are taking in college.  

Modified as half hour shorts of academia and personal training sessions for lab simulations,  this course is a combination of learning classical physics, particle physics, SPORTS NUTRITION, fitness through mastering kinematics, and even holistic wellness! Because of its diversity, students finally learn to appreciate how powerful having a physics education can really be, for the justification of all these concepts unifying together can be made possible through exploring physics.

 Fitness Physics

 A combined curriculum fusing in physics with hands-on physical exercise activities

All topics covered:
  • Energy: What is energy? (Topic 1)

  • Work (Topic 2, etc)

  • Mechanical energy

  • Types of mechanical energy: kinetic, potential, rotational energy

  •  chemical energy: fuel/food.  Importance of food and why it pays to eat properly

  • Natural organic diet recommendations and meal plans

  • Dissecting what energy really is

  • brief intro to strings and quantum fields

  • basics of particle physics: quarks and leptons

  • protons, neutrons, electrons, the basics of an atom

  • how electromagnetic forces between atoms work and make up what we call chemistry 


  • Four Fundamental forces in nature (Topic 1)

  • The importance of rationalism and the scientific method to try to apply for most problem solving techniques (Topic 2, etc)

  • Speed

  • Velocity 

  • Acceleration 

  • Falling bodies


  • Projectile Motion


  • Newton’s Laws

  •  Induced Forces


  • Momentum and Impulse

  • Conservation of Momentum

  • Rotational motion

  • Moment of inertia and conservation of angular momentum

  • Stress management and science behind relaxation and stress managment

  • physics tied in with human spirit! -- popular lecture series 

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