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Classical Fitness Personal Training

 Some clients just want to focus on health, fitness and body sculpting without all the science! 

Just pure workouts.  C.X. has been able to help dozens of clients reach their fitness goals.  The 

secret is coming up with the creativity to tailor a workout based on a client's needs, personal hobbies, and fitness goals.    Using the scientific method approach, he has been able to cater

customized workouts that blend in their athletic hobbies with a workout routines that get results!

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Boot Camps

Fitness Boot Camps are 1 hour sessions that focus on pure  core fitness and dynamic resistance training physical workouts that  induce fat loss,  muscle tone and peak fitness!  The work outs are non-intimidating and designed to go at your pace while simultaneously showing you techniques to motivate yourself to achieve fitness goals you never thought possible!

 The group settings make your workouts fun and challenging while keeping the cost of the program affordable!

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Fitness Testimonials

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Fitness Testimonials

“After just 6 weeks, my ability to squat again has come back! I couldn’t squat down regularly because of my knees. Relearning proper mechanics has paid off! The problem has gone away, I’m introduced to muscle movements I haven’t felt in decades, and loving it! “

-- Evelyn Reid, Rutland Ma 



I’ve been doing this routine for a month -- and I’ve already lost 12 lbs!"

-- Ron Allard, Paxton Ma



“ I’ve lost 8 pounds since I’ve been doing the routine. My back never gets tired now,I feel great, and I’m liking the compliments ”

-- Lisa Westerman, Paxton Ma 



" The strength and endurance training has improved my snowboarding, mountain biking, and overall fitness" , " Claudio was able to create a plan that fit my lifestyle, schedule , and my goals".

-- Dan Pratt, Worcester Ma 

                                                                                                            Check out the video testimonial! 


After my body adjusted to the workouts, my tennis serve has gotten a whole lot better "

-- Deb Guterman, Paxton Ma



The exercises are functional, easy, and applicable to everyday life. I don’t think people realize how important it is to strengthen their core ”

-- Linda Wyatt, Worcester Ma


“ I’ve lost weight since I’ve been coming here! I’m serious! "

-- Betty Mograss, Worcester Ma 



                                                                                                           Check out the video testimonial!





 "Pleasant to work with, and extremely informative on exercise science, we’re glad we’ve invested the time. My wife lost 4 pounds after two weeks of consistent training and I’m getting conditioned for ski season again ”

-- Peter H. Hoffman, Berlin Ma



“ [At 61] I helped my son in law move furniture with his friends that are half my age and I wasn’t even sore. The core training has been the most beneficial part. I can ride my motor cycle on road trips across New England again with my younger buddies and not get tired ”

-- David Small, Grafton Ma

Fitness routines don't interfere with your tennis, they IMPROVE it!!
Group Fitness Testimonials, Worcester Polytechnic Institute Wellness Program

" Lunchtime cardio has improved my strength, flexibility, and endurance.  I love the   
  convenience of a lunchtime workout! "

-- Beth Mulvey , Human Resources 
     and head of Wellness Program at
     Worcester Polytechnic Institute


 Boot camp inspires me to work on my fitness and health. Thanks Claudio!  (2011)  Claudio gets it!  He's very good at tailoring the workout to your needs, interest and fitness level.  Great results!  (2012) "'

-- Julie Chapman, WPI wellness program participant,  Worcester, Ma


...Can finally go sleeveless! Good results (2011).  The leg work definitely has helped with my uphill running.   Clothes also fit better and my midsection is in better shape! (2012)  "

-- J. Malone, WPI wellness program participant

"Since I started taking the Cardio Boot Camp classes I and others around me have seen a noticeable difference in my physical appearance and my overall fitness level. I love going to class because Claudio is constantly switching up the structure of the class and it never gets old.    Taking these classes has been good for me both physically and mentally.  I cannot thank Claudio enough for helping me get back into shape after having 2 children."   

-- Mary Spencer, WPI wellness program participant


I love this class!  (2011) Boot camp has definitely  improved my quality of life.  I used to get so tired just shopping and doing housework.  Now I have so much more energy and really feel I get so much more out of each day!  (2012)"

-- D. Sanders, WPI wellness program participant

[The classes] are fun! Never know what's coming next, which makes the time go by fast!  (2011).    [These are]  excellent overall fitness routines that one can take to the max or ease into.   The instructor is very good at showing different levels of intensity for similar movements (2012)"

-- N. Burnham, professor at  WPI &  wellness program participant


“ Definately seeing results!"

-- T. Brodin, WPI wellness program participant 



" When I started, I did push-ups against the wall.  Now I can do regular push ups.  My strength has        improved and along with the diet I have started to lose weight! "

--   N Shelton,  WPI wellness program participant



"  I have been working out for the last few years but haven't had the overall results that I've had with this class-- it's terrific!! "

--  Sherry Sullivan, WPI wellness program participant  Putnam, CT



"  Good mix of workouts so we don't get bored with the same thing everything every time! "

-- Jeanne Lamotte,  WPI wellness program participant

I have noticed great results in terms of my physique and cardio endurance by attending Claudio's classes twice a week for seven weeks and highly recommend this fitness class "

- Amanda Woodward, WPI wellness program participant Boylston Ma


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