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Algebra based AP physics TBA Fall 2017

Grades: High School/College level. Difficulty: hard, but worth it! This is an excellent  class for any student wanting to take physics and engineering in college.  It will prepare a student with the necessary tools needed to excel in these fields.  Topics covered: All of physics I curriculum as well as wave mechanics (including physics of sound), electric charge, electric fields, voltage, Ohm's law, DC circuits, and Kirchhoff's Laws
In this class, students will develop a deep understanding of the foundational principles of physics in classical mechanics and modern physics. Students will be able to apply these principles to complex physical situations by mastering word problem solving abilities and critical thinking about all these topics in nature.

Course topics:





Circular Motion Universal Law of Gravitations


Simple Harmonic Motion Simple Pendulum and Mass


Spring systems


Impulse, linear momentum, conservation of linear


Momentum collisions


Work, Energy and Conservation of Energy


Rotational Motion, conservation of angular momentum, rotational kinematics and energy


Electrostatics; electric charge and electric force


Dc circuit; resistors only


Mechanical Waves and sound 

Coming soon!

In particular, exams and homework will be based on thought experiments that show a relevant understanding on how various physical phenomena could interplay in physical reality as well as mathematical modeling resembling the same magnitude of challenge for pre engineering and science problem solving in these topics at the collegiate level.   The pace will be challenging and faster paced than Honors physics; but still focusing on first attempting to prioritize a proper grasp of these abstract concepts before we move on in a new lecture.  No standardized AP lab equipment as done in high school class, but lab simulations are covered: perfect prep readiness for taking an AP exam or college level physics!

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