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Want to get good at physics?  The following free resource material covers everything you need to know for classical physics curriculum at the high school and beginner college level. 
Click on the icon above for free resource material to learn physics, courtesy of yours truly, and   These notes are based on Jack Dogg's Compendium Guide to Forces in The Universe! Resource guide for high school and college level physics: Covers the lecture topics discussing the mysteries of Velocity, Speed, Acceleration, Free Fall and Projectile Motion, Newton's Laws of Motion, Gravity, Linear and Angular Momentum, Oscillatory Motion, Static Equilibrium, and Rotational Motion!
Jack Dogg’s physics teaches you all the basic concepts in physics courses for Newtonian Mechanics – in a comic style format.  If you're a visual learner, then these are the books for you.    So who else can benefit from them? Not just beginner level college students, but  high school and middle school students, as well as home schoolers, and anyone who wants to switch career paths.
Free comic material
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