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Introduction to modern physics/particle physics and  atoms TBA Fall 2017

An excellent class for anyone who seriously wants to understand the true mysteries of nature and the universe from the ground up!  All major topics leading to truly tying in particle physics as to how particles work at the sub atomic level, which ties to atoms, and then follows into the principles of basic chemistry, modern technology, and even the philosophy of metaphysics tied above things that can't be tied by empirical methods of measurement
Topics covered:
  • Introduction to basics of quantum field theory

  • Introduction to string theory

  • Quarks

  • Leptons

  • Four fundamental forces of nature

  • the mechanics of the atom

  • ionic bonds

  • covalent bonds

  • photons and their role in biological cell function (biophoton theory)

  • relativity

  • time dilation

  • sub atomic space tied to mechanics of cosmology/astro physics

  • big bang theory

  • formation of stars

  • fusion

  • black holes

  • heisenburg uncertainty principle

  • limits of space time in the universe and unknown frontiers outside of current empirical measurment

Coming soon!

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