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Fluids and Thermodynamics (Conceptual Overview)
TBA Fall 2017
All ages high school and up. An extremely useful for class for preparing for physics III at the college level; covering: Pressure, hydraulics, Bernoulli's principle, mass flow rates, buoyancy, Reynold's principle, thermal equilibrium, heat transfer, the zeroth and first and second laws of thermodynamics phase changes, latent heat, Boyle's Law, and phase changes 
Topics covered:
  • Physical properties of a fluid

  • Fluid pressure

  • Hydraulic pressure

  • Density in liquids

  • Pascal's law

  • Gauge pressure

  • Archimedes's principle

  • Buoyancy

  •  Viscosity

  • Fluid dynamics (basics)

  • Bernoulli's equation

  • Thermodynamics

    • zeroth law​

    • thermal equilibrium

    • first law

      • thermodynamic processes in engines​

    • second law

      • entropy

    • heat transfer

    • energy inserted into a system causing molecular vibrations

    • phase changes

    • heat capacitance

    • latent heat

    • temperature scales

    • thermal expansion

    • Boyle's law

      • pressure/volume and density balance​

Coming soon!

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