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Ease your fears about learning science, and score higher in your physics classes!  Bring a world class physics teacher to help you learn right there at your group or at home!

 Do you have anxiety about learning physics?  Don't worry, you're not alone, but we can help! Anyone who uses Jack Dogg's Science curriculum will minimize those anxieties.  Between the classes we offer and our learning tools, my students gain that mastery of nature that we all wished we had! With my online services, you and your child will be able to learn without the stress and pressure that turns many students off to STEM education.  With readily available tutoring that interacts with video tutorials and online classes, you will be able to explore the amazing mysteries of nature that is physics -- a discipline that will not only improve your chances for a great academic career, but enrich every other area of your life! 

Physics teaches you what nature is all about! Seek first learning about the amazing mystery of nature for the joy of it -- and everything will fall into place! 

Each course  we teach covers mandatory topics in physics with a world class physics teacher, plus quizzes, exams and solutions.   For more information on availability and what you're looking for, please contact me here.
Conceptual Physics 

Conceptual Physics Boot camp Grades: Elementary/Middle/High School/College: (Difficulty level varies per age group). Conceptual Physics Boot camp is great for beginner physics students who just want to learn without worrying about complicated word problems and hard math...  Read More

Conceptual Physics I
(Kinematics, Newton's Laws, Energy, Rotational Motion, and Gravity)
Conceptual Physics II 
(Electricity & Magnetism)

Conceptual Physics I

Grades: Elementary/Middle/High School/College: (Difficulty level varies per age group): no pressure of difficult word problems; just pure conceptual knowledge of learning physics for the purity of it!  Crazy theories explored and creative assignments and activities encouraged! Read More

Conceptual Physics II

Grades: Middle/High School/College: (Difficulty level varies per age group).  Conceptual Physics II is excellent class for any serious student or anyone wanting to get into engineering, science and technology fields.  This class covers the conceptual basics of how charges work, Faraday's Law, voltage, current, Ohm's law, DC circuits, Kirchhoff's laws, electric fields, induction principles, magnetism and basic electronics!  Read More

Honors Level Physics I
(Kinematics, Newton's Laws, Energy, Rotational Motion, and Gravity with word problems

Honors Level Physics I Grades: High School/College: (Difficulty level varies per age group).  Honors Level Physics I is a great class for students wanting to learn beginner  physics I curriculum, but included with this is mastery of solving complicated physics word problems and development in a student's math skills!...

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Algebra Based AP Physics I
(Honors Physics + Mechanical waves, Electric charge, Electric Potential, DC Ciruits )
Introduction to Modern Physics: Particle Physics/Atoms, Light, Relativity, Energy and Quantum Physics
(Conceptual Overview)

Algebra Based AP Physics I Grades: High School/College level. Algebra Based AP Physics I is an excellent  class for any student wanting to take physics and engineering in college.  It will prepare a student with the necessary tools needed to excel in these fields.  Topics covered: All of physics I curriculum as well as wave mechanics (including physics of sound), electric charge, electric fields, voltage, Ohm's law, DC circuits, and Kirchhoff's Laws

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Intro to Modern physics All ages high school and up.  Intro to Modern Physics is an

excellent class for anyone who seriously wants to understand the true mysteries of nature and the universe from the ground up!  All major topics leading to truly tying in physics with chemistry and modern technology, and even philosophy are discussed

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Fluids and Thermodynamics
(Conceptual Overview)
Mechanical Waves
(Conceptual Overview)

Fluids and Thermodynamics All ages high school and up.  Fluids and Thermodynamics is an extremely useful class for preparing for physics III at the college level; covering: Pressure, hydraulics, Bernoulli's principle, mass flow rates, buoyancy, Reynold's principle, thermal equilibrium, heat transfer, the zeroth and first and second laws of thermodynamics phase changes, latent heat, Boyle's Law, and phase changes Read More

Mechanical Waves Grades: High School/College level.  Mechanical Waves is an excellent beginner  class for any student considering to take  physics  in college. Topics covered:  wave mechanics (including physics of sound).

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" Fitness Physics Kickball"

   "What does playing kick ball have to do with Newton's Laws? Well, students are learning physics as they make their pinewood derby cars in woodworking, and also learn about the Three Laws of Motion as they race their cars. To prove the point of the second law of motion, our technology teacher, Mr. Salazar, invited the students to play a game of kick ball where students picked a card that read F=mA or F=Ma, and had to choose a ball of a certain mass, and study how the mass affected acceleration. Of course, our students had a lot of fun playing kick ball, while learning Newton's Laws of Motions. We are always amazed to see how students grasp advanced concepts quickly when new topics are taught in an interdisciplinary manner."  -- Rupali Sharma, Founder and Director at The T.E.C. Schools THINK. EXPLORE. CREATE.
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