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About J.D. Physics



JD Physics is a tutoring service that combines teaching all the fundamentals of learning physics for any career or academic goal you have with the experience of fitness education through personal training!

I hold a Master's in STEM education with a focus in physics and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering  from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  I have been teaching and assisting in  Physics and STEM education  at various institutions in Central Massachusetts for the last five years including:  Becker College, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (T.A.),  Quinsigamond Community College, T.E.C. Schools, and Saint Peter Marian High School.   For fitness, I have 

trained clients at such prestigious institutions as the Boston Sports Clubs, Worcester YWCA, and dozens of personal clients for in house training. 


  I am also the author of Jack Dogg's Physics; one of the worlds most comprehensive supplementary comic guides to physics that has helped students from elementary school to college learn these abstract topics with cartoon visuals that show physics phenomena come to life with pictures.  Click here for some sample chapter material.  But more importantly, I love teaching physics and creating innovative ways of simplifying the learning of these STEM subjects so that anyone from any walk of life has a fighting chance of enriching their life on this planet through physics!

Physics teaches you what nature is all about! Seek first learning about the amazing mystery of nature for the joy of it -- and everything will fall into place!

"We are born scientists.  When we're born, we wonder what's out there. We begin to wonder about the sun, life, stars; we begin to wonder what's out there.  And then something happens: when we hit the 'danger years' of junior high and high school -- that's when it's literally crushed out of us; every little flower of curiosity is crushed by society itself. because we have to learn all these facts, figures, and memorization.   We think that memorization is science, and that's not true at all" -- Michio Kaku,  world famous Physicist.

  Standardized tests are a great way to review how much you know, but exams by themselves, and learning any subject just to study and pass an exam is the reason why people start to lose their  interest in science.  It becomes a chore and eventually a burden, rather than an adventure of intellectual curiosity and enlightenment.   I always liken it to going to the gym because you love discovering your physical potential rather than doing that because your doctor told you you should work out!


  My goal is to not just teach my students the requisite material needed for their coursework, but to excel at life in their creativity and knowledge of physics  --  by getting them to dare to imagine their own ideas about life and success  through the tools they acquired through physics!


The people who are successful in this world are people who are thinking in ways no one else thinks while using the best knowledge human civilization has to offer.  This can be found with physics! 

 Why do I try to promote creativity in all my classes? This great video featuring two of the world's most   famous physicists currently alive says it all... 

This is my underlying principle for teaching physics.  For five years I've enjoyed helping students from all ages and all walks of life learn the fundamental

laws of nature that help understand physical reality all around them.  Physics is the cornerstone for these pursuits.   Not only does it improve a person's

chances of of better career opportunities and higher salary, but even more importantly, learning physics can:


        enrich a person's own cognitive and problem solving abilities on any subject  matter or problem that comes their way

       improve their athletic abilities by allowing them to predict motion on a playing field before it happens!

       make the best arguments for understanding the philosophical implications behind any idea by employing rationalism and critical thinking.

       and yes, score better in school!


Physics in spirituality
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