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 Physics Fitness Bootcamp I  

6th -8th Grade

Grades: Elementary School: (Difficulty level varies per age group).


If you're looking to really excel your athletic game and technical ability in sports AND excel your academic readiness for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education, Fitness Physics is the leader in blending these fields.  Our bootcamps combine the experience of  learning the basic laws of physics through creative lessons, games, exercise simulations.  Imagine your child playing, running around -- while subliminally combining physiology, physics and academics through fun activities!   Kids learn laws of physics by seeing their seeing them come to life through their athletic ability.    

  As not just a physics professor, but a personal trainer as well, C.X. teaches clients mastery of the laws of physics by action and instruction in a way you’ve never experienced before!

Benefits for the program

  • Customized routines that simulate the laws of physics and science education that you're trying to learn 

  •  Students get  introduced to all the basic the laws of physics through the power of seeing their own kinematics perform the motions.

  •  Get a GREAT exercise routine supplied by a physics professor and professional personal training!

  • Learn without worrying about complicated word problems, hard tests,  and hard math

  Imagine a physics class that doesn't just get you ready for exam time, but teaches you 
true health and wellness in mind body spirit!  Before he was a physics instructor, C.X. 
has trained at such prestigious clubs as BSC, Ywca and institutions like Worcester Polytechnic Institute!
  This is a condensed course  one week long (5 hours a day for 5 days) designed to introduce the concepts and principles of Physics.  Students study a wide variety of topics in Physics that are components of the major themes of “energy and matter”.   Below is a typical example of the curriculum (scheduling may vary depending on time of day):
Topics covered:
  • Four Fundamental forces in nature (Topic 1)

  • The importance of rationalism and the scientific method to try to apply for most problem solving techniques (Topic 2, etc)

  • Speed

  • Velocity 

  • Acceleration 

  • Falling bodies


  • Projectile Motion


  • Newton’s Laws

  •  Induced Forces


  • Momentum and Impulse

  • Conservation of Momentum

  • Rotational motion

  • Moment of inertia and conservation of angular momentum

         Class 1:  
Card Games/activity:  Introducing Newton's first and second law of motion 

Activity #2  Callisthenic drills: weight resistant exercises incorporating the physics of forces: Leaps/ push up claps  (30 min) 

      Class 2:
  Games/activity:  Introducing the concept of kinematic movement​s to help any object move through space-time
   Activity #  Footwork drills: gliding through space in rapid time training development (30 min)
       Class 3:


  Green light red light: newton's first       law game (dealing with inertia and speed drills)

 Game activity:  Introducing Newton's 3rd law:  Exercise
Various upper body exercises to strengthen chest and arm muscles and  see newton's third law come to life.  


Class 4

  Games/activity:  Introducing the concept of rotational motion and how it works.
Activity 1: Rotational motion disc golf.

Activity 2: spinning your arms tucked in/out for momentum conservation (10 minutes) 


       Activity (kicking/blocking shield or kick ball testing of newton's second law /hurling objects come to life (30 min)

Class 5
Introducing the concepts of

Gravity and how it works


 Activity #2  Callisthenic drills: weight resistant exercises incorporating the physics of forces: Leaps/ push up claps  and using gravity to our advantage (30 min) 

Class 6: 


Introducing the concept of Momentum and impulse (30 minutes)       


      Activity: how to make yourself more invulnerable to forces.  Egg toss contest/ medicine vs tennis ball toss  


 Activity: Newton's Second Law Kickball  (30 minutes)



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