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Honors level physics I   TBA Fall 2017

Grades: Elementary/Middle/High School/College: (Difficulty level varies per age group).  Great class for students wanting to learn beginner  physics I curriculum, but included with this is mastery of solving complicated physics word problems and development in a student's math skills!...

Physics is a subject in which critical thinking and reasoning skills are developed.  This course develops the conceptual foundations of physics along with reinforcement of math skills in problem solving.  The focus of study is an in depth, comprehensive introduction to classical mechanics:  motion, forces, energy, and the laws that govern them.

As time allows, further topics of relativity and modern physics may also be introduced.  Algebra, data manipulation, graphing, and the use of calculators is routine.  Demonstrations, hands-on activities, and projects are incorporated to reinforce theory. Lab activities include:   allowing a student to experience a firsthand account classical physics by using their physical abilities in athletics as lab activities.

Topics covered:
  • Speed

  • Velocity  (Topic 1)

  • Acceleration  (Topic 2, etc)

  • Uniform Acceleration

  • Graphing motion


  • Uniform Acceleration (acceleration due to gravity)

  • Projectile Motion


  • Newton’s Laws

  •  Induced Forces


  • Uniform Circular Motion

  • Centripetal Forces

  • Planetary Motion

  • Gravity


  • Energy

  • Work

  • Power

  • Conservation of Energy Principles

  • Springs and Simple Harmonic Motion

  • Momentum and Impulse

  • Conservation of Momentum

  • Torque and Balance: rotational inertia

  • Conservation of Angular Momentum (spin rates/arm tuck experiments)

  • Simple harmonic motion

  • Oscillatory motion

Coming soon!

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